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Versatile, light and

Aluminium is a metal widely used in a variety of applications due to its physical and chemical properties. It is corrosion resistant, has good formability and is relatively easy to work with.

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It is a pure aluminium alloy. Malleable and easy to work, with good thermal and electrical conductivity properties. Its low density makes it a lightweight option and it is commonly used in applications where high quality forming and surface finishing is required.

AW 2007

It consists of approximately 4% copper. It has good mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and is suitable for structural applications. It is used in the aerospace industry, marine equipment, metal structures and industrial machinery.

AW 2011

It is widely used in applications requiring precise machining such as fasteners, electrical connectors, and automotive parts.

AW 2017

Due to its good mechanical strength and machinability, AW 2017 is used in a variety of applications including aviation components, automotive parts, industrial structures and heavy duty machinery.

AW 2030

AW 2030 has outstanding mechanical strength and is stronger than many other aluminium alloys. It is known for its high corrosion resistance and its ability to withstand heavy loads.

AW 2033

The weldability of this aluminium, as well as its low density, high corrosion resistance and excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, make it an ideal choice for precision parts, electronic components, vehicle bodywork and industrial structures.

AW 5083 H111

This alloy has the best characteristics of the aluminium alloys of the 5000 series. It guarantees a good weldability and an interesting resistance, especially in the maritime atmosphere.

AW 5083 Cast

This alloy is obtained by a Cast process which gives the material good stability and homogeneity.

AW 5083 Rec

These are precision cast aluminium plates. They are used in the aerospace industry and in control and calibration tools.

AW 5754

Es una aleación de aluminio con magnesio. Tiene una gran resitencia y buena resistencia a la corrosión. El aluminio 5754 se utiliza en la fabricación de piezas de aviones y barcos.

AW 6026

Due to its good weldability and corrosion resistance, it is widely used in applications requiring welding, corrosion resistance, such as shipbuilding, storage structures, marine structures, vehicle bodies and in the fabrication of structural components.

AW 6026 LF


AW 6060

It is easy to machine, weld and form. It can be moulded into different shapes and sizes which facilitates its use in the manufacture of tubes and other structural components.

AW 6063

Easy to machine, weld and form. It is used for the manufacture of extruded profiles, vehicle bodies and industrial components.

AW 6082

High mechanical strength and corrosion resistance, heat-treatable with good formability and weldability. It is used in the transport industry and structural engineering.

AW 7021

An alloy obtained through a Cast process, with high mechanical strength, intended for the manufacture of tools, moulds, machine and equipment construction.

AW 7022 Certal

An improved AW 7022 alloy with excellent machinability, good form stability and high mechanical properties throughout the plate.

AW 7075

Zinc is the main element in this alloy, it is strong and easy to machine. It is used in the aeronautical and aerospace industries, as well as in defence and sports equipment due to its high strength and density.

A mould is filled with the amount of molten metal required according to the part to be cast in order to extract, once the liquid has solidified, a part with the size and shape of the mould used.
There are three types: sand mould casting, metal mould casting and pressure or injection moulding.

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